Marek Varcholak

Marek Varcholak

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First Name * Marek
Last Name * Varcholak
Username * revelli
Country * Slovakia
City Stakcin
Nationality Slovakia
Languages CzechEnglishGermanPolishSlovakUkrainian


Current Position Artist;Modeller
Areas of Expertise ArchitectureAutomotiveGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames MobileGames OnlineMapping
Preferred Tools - normal map creation from high poly geometry- creation of high poly hard surface models- creation of low poly hard surface models- ability to uv map and texture a model- communicative- reliable- independent- co-operative- hard-working3ds maxArchitectural VisualisationEditingMAYAModelingPhotoshopTexturingVray





● SONY HOME / SONY/ 01/2008 – 05/2008

position: external 2D & 3D graphic
-modeling, mapping and texturing various game assets

● To End All Wars project / Kuju Entertainment / 07/2007 – 09/2007

position: external 2D & 3D graphic
-modeling, mapping and ambient occlusion map generating for various weapons
- 4 weapons

● unannounced project (PC) / Blimey! Games LTD / 01/2007 – 02/2007

position: external 2D & 3D graphic
-modeling of in-game vehicles
-texturing vehicles
- 1 car

● Rail Simulator / Kuju Entertainment / 05/2006 – 07/2006 Rail Simulator(PC)

position: external 2D & 3D graphic
-modeling, mapping, texturing of in-game wagons
- 5 wagons

● 07/2004 - freelance graphic artist


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